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We’ve arrived in New York City at the busiest time of the day – the evening around 5-6pm.  New York is pumping.  You’ve never seen so many people, cars, trucks, taxis, bikes, horse drawn carts all integrating together somehow in an organised chaos!  Its totally mental but somehow orderly. Straight after checking in we’ve emerged onto the streets […]


After some delays leaving Las Vegas we’ve arrived in Chicago later than expected at about 9PM. The Lalapolooza festival is on this weekend.  I was hoping to maybe score a ticket for tonight to get in and see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  I’m also hoping to catch up with my friends Rhys and Vikki […]

San Francisco – There is No If

Everybody loves San Francisco and so do I.  If you’re coming to the USA bypass LA altogether.  Unless you want to go check out Santa Barbara and the California beaches.  Maybe there would have been a much better area to stay for us overnight than Hollywood.  All Qantas flights from Australia go through LA so you are stuck […]


I’m going to the USA!!  Well I’m here already. I’m in Hollywood.