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Drum Tracking with SK-Drums

Carlo tracking drums for a song off the up and coming new Stellas Kitchen EP, recorded at Harpoon Productions.

2011 – An EP Odyssey

Its 2011 and I haven’t posted for a while, but its been a fairly productive Xmas and holiday break. We’ve been able to make a big dent into the recording of our new EP (Stellas Kitchen).  In June last year we formally sat down and mapped out the production of our 2nd EP.  Its been […]

Bass Brain Damage

Its now my turn in the studio to put down the bass parts for “Steal Your Mind“. We’re recording our 2nd EP at Stellas Kitchen and Steal Your Mind is probably going to be the lead track.  Recording for me is a love hate type of thing. Every musician has their insecurities and doubts about […]

Sportz Radio Star Recording

At Stellas Kitchen land we’re recording our new EP.  So far we’ve completed the drum tracking and some guitar parts for two of the four songs and to be released on the EP. We’ve taken  extra time and effort to prepare how each instrument will sound this time through and have done a heap more […]