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Review: Moon Looks Pretty Tonight

Danni Stefanetti’s new single “Moon Looks Pretty Tonight” has been also released with a video clip. Directed and produced by Duane Orris it is also Danni’s first music video. But first, lets have a listen to the song.  The Moon Looks Pretty Tonight  reminisces and longs for  the blissful naive feeling of young first love.  Its […]

Diesel @ the Fly By Night Club

Mark Lizotte is the greatest singer-songwriter-guitarist of our time!  Yes that’s a big statement, but I defy anybody to propose someone who is better?  Someone who is more the complete musician. An artist who can sing, play and write with equal brilliance. As a front man and vocalist his soaring voice could stand on its […]

Girls Can’t Sing?

Please don’t hurt me… yes just take what ever you want!!!! Never have I been more afraid listening to someone sing or baffled as to what is considered “good singing” or music. Where have all the good chick singers gone?? Today I’m specifically talking about “The Gossip” (there’s no way I’m embedding that video). Seriously who the […]