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Review: Moon Looks Pretty Tonight

Danni Stefanetti’s new single “Moon Looks Pretty Tonight” has been also released with a video clip. Directed and produced by Duane Orris it is also Danni’s first music video. But first, lets have a listen to the song.  The Moon Looks Pretty Tonight  reminisces and longs for  the blissful naive feeling of young first love.  Its […]

Diesel @ the Fly By Night Club

Mark Lizotte is the greatest singer-songwriter-guitarist of our time!  Yes that’s a big statement, but I defy anybody to propose someone who is better?  Someone who is more the complete musician. An artist who can sing, play and write with equal brilliance. As a front man and vocalist his soaring voice could stand on its […]

Girls Can’t Sing?

Please don’t hurt me… yes just take what ever you want!!!! Never have I been more afraid listening to someone sing or baffled as to what is considered “good singing” or music. Where have all the good chick singers gone??