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On the Buses

It’s time for a whinge today about public transport.  You’ll see the gamete of human behaviour on buses and trains.  I think I’ve just bout seen it all.  On the buses there are some common and definable bus character types. (Public Transport Personality Types – PTPT) These are just a few of my personal favourites:

All Woman are "Delilahs"

Recently I was debating on email with a young female friend of mine about how all woman are conniving cat like creatures who can’t be trusted since the day Delilah screwed Samson.  All woman are Delilahs!  “Whose Delilah?” she blankly responded. I then had to explain the story in her lingo.. I think .. which was […]

Thank You Today Tonight! – (Moopy Rant)

I was lucky enough to see some of the breaking news on Today Tonight’s program this evening. If you thought you’d seen it all after the exhilarating segment about the wonders of shopping on something I believe they call the “int-er-net”, brace yourself. What came next was possibly one of the most informing viewing I […]

Sleasey Sushi Strategies

Sushi. I don’t get it. It stinks, tastes gross and yet every girl in the world loves it?  Along with salt and vinegar chips it’s one of the female culinary modern mysteries I will never understand. I’ll have my meat, chicken and fish cooked and HOT thanks!