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Throwing Down the Mantime Gauntlet – with Daniel Romeo

With so much negative PR and many health “expert” bandwagon jumpers criticizing the Colonel’s breadless burger as ‘heart attack’ slops or ethically irresponsible etc.. I thought its about time someone who has actually eaten one review it!  So I drove my manwagon to the nearest KFC drivethru  to get 3 Mantimes for objective eating. You […]

A Mantime Lunch – with Daniel Romeo

KFC’s “The Double”. Make that a triple double for me. I  mixed it up a little for variety. I got 1 Fillet mantime and 2 Zingers. So how did it go… The Zinger mantimes are better as the bbq sauce in the Fillet mantime is too bland compared to that of the fiery sauce in […]

Sunday Munday Fail

No Coffee!! aRrrghh!! But I had to laugh. Should I expect anything less for a Munday morning. Only today its a bit different. I also awoke to discover the passenger door window smashed in on my car. . Initially, apart from the obvious damage nothing was stolen.They even missed my emergency cash stash!  Normally I […]

Food Slutting

I am a food slut. I’m always on the hunt good food and any excuse to take off with a friend or two and talk crap over lunch. Particularly during the week at work. Before every “foodie” with a camera and a blog was religiously capturing and critiquing their every meal I was food slutting […]