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Sunday Munday Fail

No Coffee!! aRrrghh!! But I had to laugh. Should I expect anything less for a Munday morning. Only today its a bit different. I also awoke to discover the passenger door window smashed in on my car. . Initially, apart from the obvious damage nothing was stolen.They even missed my emergency cash stash!  Normally I […]

Thank You Today Tonight! – (Moopy Rant)

I was lucky enough to see some of the breaking news on Today Tonight’s program this evening. If you thought you’d seen it all after the exhilarating segment about the wonders of shopping on something I believe they call the “int-er-net”, brace yourself. What came next was possibly one of the most informing viewing I […]

Tangled Torment!

Tangles! yes I frikken hate them!  Whether it be wires, guitar leads, headphones, blinds puller thingos, oranges..  If its possible for it to get tangled, it will for me!!  Its probably the one thing in this world which sends me over the edge above everything else.  Its up there with that one last bolt stopping […]

Lazy Sunday FAIL

So its a Sunday afternoon, on a hot long weekend.  What better to do than nothing!  I decided to lie on the couch and have a little nap.  Which I did.  But being indoors all weekend I soon thought what a good idea it’d be to get outside and do I little bit of exercise! […]