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Genz Benz Bangz!

Over summer I’ve been searching for a small combo bass amp to play acoustic gigs and to use for practice.  I wanted something small and light but yet still reasonably powerful.  A “kickback” design is also what I’m after too. This is where the speaker is angled in its cab to be firing up at […]

Happy Birthday Fender Jazz

This year is the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Fender Jazz Bass. In this video Ed Friedland takes a look at the 50th Anniversary Fender Jazz Bass and gives a great little history discussion on the Jazz.

DR Bass Strings

Ed Friedland’s from the Bass Emporium has a great review on most of the DR Bass Strings range. Within the review are some handy sound clips of his testing of the strings on a Jazz bass. “DR has been around since 1989, and to my memory was the first “boutique” bass string on the market. […]