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Diesel Talks About Duesenberg Guitars

Starts with a cool version of him playing his song “Whiskey & Weed”

Diesel @ the Fly By Night Club

Mark Lizotte is the greatest singer-songwriter-guitarist of our time!  Yes that’s a big statement, but I defy anybody to propose someone who is better?  Someone who is more the complete musician. An artist who can sing, play and write with equal brilliance. As a front man and vocalist his soaring voice could stand on its […]

Get Me a Fender Jazz Bass!!

Technically I’m a shithouse bass player! My fingers are all jumbled up and all over the  place. I think ever even practiced scales on bass until about a year ago!!! I snobbed Fender. I dunno much about the world’s renowned soloist bassists … I can’t even hold a pick properly!!  I have done everything in […]