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Recording Crazy Makes You A Little

Hours of recording in studios does send you a little stir crazy. Not that Dave Grohl needs any extra help! The Foo Fighters decided to record their latest album with as much analogue recording equipment as possible. It’s pretty interesting stuff and if you’ve not familiar with how recording used to be done before the […]

SVT or not to SVT

Ben Lemelin of Your Favorite Enemies talks about the Sansamp VT Bass pedal. The Sansamp VT Bass is probably the best Ampeg SVT amp simulator you can buy. While nothing is better than the real thing, you shouldn’t discount this pedal as just a bass amp sim.  The all analogue circuitry in the pedal does a great […]

Pedal Power

So it begins, my foray into proper effects pedal land.  Where better to start than with your guitar tuner. On the advice of the gherkin gobbling guitar guru I went for the Korg Pitchblack chromatic guitar tuner. This pedal has an all aluminum casing, which means its tough. It has a nice large LED display […]

Bass Brain Damage

Its now my turn in the studio to put down the bass parts for “Steal Your Mind“. We’re recording our 2nd EP at Stellas Kitchen and Steal Your Mind is probably going to be the lead track.  Recording for me is a love hate type of thing. Every musician has their insecurities and doubts about […]