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Recording Crazy Makes You A Little

Hours of recording in studios does send you a little stir crazy. Not that Dave Grohl needs any extra help! The Foo Fighters decided to record their latest album with as much analogue recording equipment as possible. It’s pretty interesting stuff and if you’ve not familiar with how recording used to be done before the […]

Ashdown V8 Tube Power!

Ashdown have released a new range of amps which now have old school tubes in both power amp and pre-amp stages. The new Classic All Value Series amps and cabs are hand made in the USA or UK and revisit the classic 70’s bass amp configurations.  The Ashdown BTA400 pumps the much loved EVOIII value […]

2011 – An EP Odyssey

Its 2011 and I haven’t posted for a while, but its been a fairly productive Xmas and holiday break. We’ve been able to make a big dent into the recording of our new EP (Stellas Kitchen).  In June last year we formally sat down and mapped out the production of our 2nd EP.  Its been […]

More Recording

With a lot of recording work to go for our new Stellas Kitchen EP it was back to Harpoon Studios to record bass for our track “Satellite”.  Having learned a fair bit from the our last session for “Steal Your Mind” we were able to reduce tone set up brain damage.  Although true to form […]