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Throwing Down the Mantime Gauntlet – with Daniel Romeo

With so much negative PR and many health “expert” bandwagon jumpers criticizing the Colonel’s breadless burger as ‘heart attack’ slops or ethically irresponsible etc.. I thought its about time someone who has actually eaten one review it!  So I drove my manwagon to the nearest KFC drivethru  to get 3 Mantimes for objective eating. You […]

A Mantime Lunch – with Daniel Romeo

KFC’s “The Double”. Make that a triple double for me. I  mixed it up a little for variety. I got 1 Fillet mantime and 2 Zingers. So how did it go… The Zinger mantimes are better as the bbq sauce in the Fillet mantime is too bland compared to that of the fiery sauce in […]

Dee Oh EM OH!!

Its not everyday that you learn your nickname-sake is a massive internet and TV sensation.. in Japan and the USA.  Domo-kun is a small brown open-mouthed monster hatched from an egg who lives with a wise old rabbit. As I googled and learned more about Domo I could’nt help feeling a little like Homer in […]

All Woman are "Delilahs"

Recently I was debating on email with a young female friend of mine about how all woman are conniving cat like creatures who can’t be trusted since the day Delilah screwed Samson.  All woman are Delilahs!  “Whose Delilah?” she blankly responded. I then had to explain the story in her lingo.. I think .. which was […]