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Stop Thief!

I’m a thief.  Today, Coles is the faceless victim who I owe $3 for a mini fruit drink. I’ve stolen before but it feels different today. Well I’m not talking about grand theft auto or anything. I’m hardly a badass criminal.  Although I did knowingly steal the mini number lettering for the postbox for my house from […]

Ain’t Love Grand

Onto the bus today got an older couple. By older I mean maybe late 40’s early 50’s kinda new hipster couple who you know have only just found new love. They’re dressed smartly in casual ‘going out date wear’ and choose the seat in front of me. Immediately they’re ka-noodling and chatting still in the […]

Female Phenomena #37 – Salt & Vinegar Chips

Salt & Vinegar flavoured chips. I don’t get it. Every girl I know loves salt and vinegar favoured chips? Why? With all the mostly cheesy based proper savoury goodness flavours available, salt and vinegar flavour defeats the purpose of even eating bad crispy snacks. Or is that how they see it as a healthy snack? […]

On the Buses

It’s time for a whinge today about public transport.  You’ll see the gamete of human behaviour on buses and trains.  I think I’ve just bout seen it all.  On the buses there are some common and definable bus character types. (Public Transport Personality Types – PTPT) These are just a few of my personal favourites: