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When a Song is a Movie

I haven’t heard a new song for a while that has affected me as much as “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967”.  Putting aside being a parochial John Mayer fan for a moment, if you are a student of music and songwriting this song should be in your textbook.  It’s from the latest John Mayer […]

Victorious Danni Stefanetti

Danni Stefanetti’s work writing and recording over the past year or so has recognised and rewarded with her winning a 2012 Musicoz award for her song “Victory“. While I’m not a fan of pay to enter song or band-battle competitions, previous Musicoz winners have gone on to bigger things. Musicoz are at least putting focus […]

Look Maa No Strings!

AFL football season is back and it it got me thinking about last year and the live TV performance  I was fortunate to be a part of last season.  Fortunate not only to be a part of a music project with great local Perth singer song writer Luke McPharlin, but also to have made it […]

The Greatest Love Song?

I received a message from someone who follows this blog asking me what I thought was the best “love song” of all time?  Wow that’s a really subjective question and as with everything to do with music also a question of taste. But when I thought about it, something still worth looking into.  So how […]