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Bass Solos Suck??

I’m not a huge follower or fan of bass soloists. Not just because I’m not good enough to be one myself. I find it difficult to connect and remain interested most of the time they are playing. Same goes for that matter, for other types of instruments too. Their brilliance seems to get lost in the […]

Bassists Look Too Bored

Mark Hoppus is a strange man, but he’s right! Poor bassists. He’s mostly known as the bassist for punk-pop band Blink 182 and as one of the early “celebrity” twitter adopters. He’s a reasonably funny guy too on his TV channel within the Fuse music news-blog -video site. Fuse features cool music news, interviews, opinion […]

When a Song is a Movie

I haven’t heard a new song for a while that has affected me as much as “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967”.  Putting aside being a parochial John Mayer fan for a moment, if you are a student of music and songwriting this song should be in your textbook.  It’s from the latest John Mayer […]

Victorious Danni Stefanetti

Danni Stefanetti’s work writing and recording over the past year or so has recognised and rewarded with her winning a 2012 Musicoz award for her song “Victory“. While I’m not a fan of pay to enter song or band-battle competitions, previous Musicoz winners have gone on to bigger things. Musicoz are at least putting focus […]