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Seth Sentry – This Was Tomorrow

‘This Was Tomorrow’ is the debut album from Melbourne’s SETH SENTRY and High Score Records being the culmination of Sentry’s work from 2009. Sentry’s songs are mostly built around tried and true structures of a rapping verse and simple “sing along” chorus’ created from a repeating chord or riff progression. Sentry also seems to be more like […]

Rock School

Who says you can’t learn anything from TV – well you used to be able to. Back when I was in music school there was a TV show called “Rock School” which ironically appealed to me more than anything I was learning in class. Rock School was a 80’s BBC TV series with a rehearsal(class)room feel in which 4 instrument […]

Super Slapper Larry Graham

Larry Graham the father of funk slap bass playing, never really wanted to be a bass player.  Larry started out on guitar in his mother’s band until their drummer dropped out. To compensate for the lack drums Larry decided to use a bass guitar to emulate the bass drum and snare with his thumb and fingers. This […]

Split Cities Build/Rebuild

Build Rebuild opens up with ‘Year Old Ghost’. You might think you are mistakenly listening to recent AFL Grand Final darlings, ‘The Temper Trap’. Only this is them in the few seconds before they drop through the floor into a giant cheese grater. It’s a quiet-loud arrangement with Zac Ward’s wide array of guitar effects […]