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Whats Wrong With West Coast?

The West Coast Eagles  have lost  4 games in a row and fans and critics alike are questioning if this may be another AFL season lost at the club. Everyone is blaming lack of player effort, hardness, desire, goal scoring inefficiency and even the new coach. In more focused attacks on individuals in the team, […]

Such is Addiction

Being a massive fan of Ben Cousins as a footballer, it was hard watching the public destruction of his football career through the media exhibition of his personal failings from 2005 -2008.  Through his documentary “Such is Life” this week we got to see and hear his side and take of events. Much was said […]

The West Coast P-Bass

More parts have arrived from the US so last night I got to building my Fender Precision/Jazz bass hybrid.  I’m gonna use this P-Bass experiment to both see how this hybrid goes and upgrade the my existing standard Jazz 4 to 70’s style bass. The 70’s Jazz pearl inlay necks I got from the US […]