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You Know It’s Pretty Much Making Me Basically Mental

There are modern common turns of phrase in our language which drive me bananas.  I cringe and want to punch myself in the face when I realise I’ve even said them myself. Somehow they morph into our language and general conversations.

Golf Crazy

Over the last 2-3 years I’ve become addicted to golf. But my swing is a mess. Well it was.  As with most things I want to learn about (such as my health and sickness diagnosis) I first of course headed to google and youtube to see what advice and instruction was out there on golf swing […]

Whats Wrong With West Coast?

The West Coast Eagles  have lost  4 games in a row and fans and critics alike are questioning if this may be another AFL season lost at the club. Everyone is blaming lack of player effort, hardness, desire, goal scoring inefficiency and even the new coach. In more focused attacks on individuals in the team, […]

Stop Thief!

I’m a thief.  Today, Coles is the faceless victim who I owe $3 for a mini fruit drink. I’ve stolen before but it feels different today. Well I’m not talking about grand theft auto or anything. I’m hardly a badass criminal.  Although I did knowingly steal the mini number lettering for the postbox for my house from […]