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Stupid Shit – TV Shows

I guess I’ve become a very angry man over the years. Lots of stuff shits me. I’m trying not to become a victim of the 21st century.  There is stupid shit everywhere! So anyway, lets talk about stupid shit TV shows. Okay… Reality TV shows –  please are they dead yet? One of my personal […]

Sleasey Sushi Strategies

Sushi. I don’t get it. It stinks, tastes gross and yet every girl in the world loves it?  Along with salt and vinegar chips it’s one of the female culinary modern mysteries I will never understand. I’ll have my meat, chicken and fish cooked and HOT thanks!

Lazy Sunday FAIL

So its a Sunday afternoon, on a hot long weekend.  What better to do than nothing!  I decided to lie on the couch and have a little nap.  Which I did.  But being indoors all weekend I soon thought what a good idea it’d be to get outside and do I little bit of exercise! […]