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On the Buses

It’s time for a whinge today about public transport.  You’ll see the gamete of human behaviour on buses and trains.  I think I’ve just bout seen it all.  On the buses there are some common and definable bus character types. (Public Transport Personality Types – PTPT) These are just a few of my personal favourites:

Songwriting Gone Wrong

Now there are plenty of songs and “artists” out there these days which contribute to my raving lunacy. You’ll find most of them polluting the airways excreted from your local “top 40” radio stations. Today’s example of exalted mediocrity is “Just the Way You Are” by current teeny heart throb Bruno Mars (is that in […]

Bassist Fail!

and here’s a couple more Bass Flip Fail On stage Bass Flip Fail Guitarist pick slide fail

Sunday Munday Fail

No Coffee!! aRrrghh!! But I had to laugh. Should I expect anything less for a Munday morning. Only today its a bit different. I also awoke to discover the passenger door window smashed in on my car. . Initially, apart from the obvious damage nothing was stolen.They even missed my emergency cash stash!  Normally I […]