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Ashdown V8 Tube Power!

Ashdown have released a new range of amps which now have old school tubes in both power amp and pre-amp stages. The new Classic All Value Series amps and cabs are hand made in the USA or UK and revisit the classic 70’s bass amp configurations.  The Ashdown BTA400 pumps the much loved EVOIII value […]

Genz Benz Bangz!

Over summer I’ve been searching for a small combo bass amp to play acoustic gigs and to use for practice.  I wanted something small and light but yet still reasonably powerful.  A “kickback” design is also what I’m after too. This is where the speaker is angled in its cab to be firing up at […]

Bass Amplifiers

I spent my first couple of years playing bass borrowing bass amps.  I also used to practice through a little ex-keyboard 10 watter that I was “borrowing”.   My highschool had an old Fender Bassman bass amp which we used to be able to borrow sometimes.  It was a combo and looked something like this. It […]