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The West Coast P-Bass

More parts have arrived from the US so last night I got to building my Fender Precision/Jazz bass hybrid.  I’m gonna use this P-Bass experiment to both see how this hybrid goes and upgrade the my existing standard Jazz 4 to 70’s style bass. The 70’s Jazz pearl inlay necks I got from the US […]

60’s/70’s Fender Jazz Bass

There is plenty of debate about which is the best sounding Jazz bass era.  From what I’ve read and the opinions I’ve heard most seem to say the early 60’s was the best decade for Jazz basses. That is, before Leo Fender sold Fender to CBS in 1965. Production quality went downhill from this point […]

Frankenstein Bass Time!

On ebay there is a great online Fender guitar parts re-seller The Stratosphere. The have an awesome range of Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies, necks, plates, pickups everything. Unfortunately, for my wallet, they also have Fender Bass parts.  Its a regular Jawa like recycling operation .. well  better.  So, I’ve decided to build myself a […]