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Get Me a Fender Jazz Bass!!

Technically I’m a shithouse bass player! My fingers are all jumbled up and all over the  place. I think ever even practiced scales on bass until about a year ago!!! I snobbed Fender. I dunno much about the world’s renowned soloist bassists … I can’t even hold a pick properly!!  I have done everything in […]

Stellas Kitchen

I play bass with my brothers Daniel, Carlo and Jon in Stellas Kitchen. We got together in 2007 at Daniel’s to jam some of his many original songs.  We’d all been involved in music and playing our instruments over the years but never played together as a rock band.  The catalyst for this was really […]

Five String Basses

As the Hondo II wasn’t cool enough for me and I also got my first “real” job, I began thinking about getting another bass guitar.  I didn’t really know what I was looking for or exactly why but I decided I would get something 5 string.  Five string basses were beginning to be used more in music […]

The "Hondo II"

So, the piano..  I began jamming (well dicking around really) with my friends in bands playing keyboard + piano..  Coupled with our band’s need for “someone to fuken play bass man” and my lack of piano “rocking out-ness” I put my hand up and said .. “yeah man I’ll fuken play bass!”   So it was […]