A Complicitous Case of Kyrios

1439509508819Is it really such a big surprise Nick Kyrgios is a douchebag. Maybe he is just a current reflection of what and who we are as Australians in the world community. What if he is just like the rest of us and we’re so full of it we can’t see it. Is he just “our” scapegoat?

He’s supposedly a role model and representative of Australia in the sporting world.  After all we claim our sports persons lovingly as our own, out there ‘playing for us’. The ironic and hilarious thing is he is neither and we are very quick to disown him when he acts like a dropkick.

Shame we’re not the same with our government and ourselves where it really counts in our standing with the rest of world. Why are we always so quick to lose our shit when it’s pointed out that perhaps in fact we are a racist and intolerant bunch. The social media “don’t-you-dare-call-me-a-racist” meltdown throughout the Adam Goodes saga was filled with this kind of self righteous indignation.

We’ve appointed an equally aggressive and divisive bully Abbott for our leader. We throw our rackets in disgust when called into account on climate change, equality and human rights issues.  We are a ‘Kyrgios’ on this world court. The privileged peacock with fancy clothes and hairdo crying like the immature wronged self appointed hero when things don’t go our way.

We think we can just show up and everyone will still love us. We deserve to win.  We’re Australian mate, with that laid back “she’ll be right” Hodges larrikin friendly swagger.  How times have changed. Soon we won’t even be making Holdens anymore.

Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share it’s luck. It lives on other people’s ideas, and, although it’s ordinary people are adaptable, most of its leaders (in all fields) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise.
Donald Horne 1964.

Our  ‘Lucky Country’s” resources wealth insulated us from the rest of the world’s recessionary times. As Horne wrote warning over 50 years ago in his ironic book – “.. riding high on the luck of resource rich prosperity and a democracy gifted to us, has made us unambitious and complacent. Our growth and wealth made with little contribution from technological innovation or industrialisation”.

He commented; tired from the widespread misinterpretation of his book: “The Lucky Country!!”- I have had to sit through the most appalling rubbish as successive generations misapplied this phrase.”

Since, we’ve grown fat and ignorant. Blissfully numbed seeming unconcerned or oblivious to our falling international reputation. Fed on a diet of sport and ‘voting em out’ schadenfreude based reality TV, are we that shocked a sportsperson such as Kyros can exist?  Why are we so indignantly stunned when we are called racist or bigoted.  Is it little wonder we now are a nation of whingers. Like our fading sporting prowess, stars and teams has our luck finally run out?

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