Golf Crazy

Over the last 2-3 years I’ve become addicted to golf. But my swing is a mess. Well it was.  As with most things I want to learn about (such as my health and sickness diagnosis) I first of course headed to google and youtube to see what advice and instruction was out there on golf swing theory.  Chuck Quinton is the founder of the Rotary Swing which is a science and bio mechanical movement pattern steps based break down of core components of the golf swing. This is Chuck’s swing:

So I’ve been videoing my swing “evolution” over the last 2 years of practicing and drilling Rotary Swing instruction.  There’s some massive differences now for me – before and after at certain swing “checkpoints” (Left pic compared to Right pic).  While my golf scoring has also improved a little, I still have a long way to go.



My posture at setup was shit! Way to much knee flex, rounded shoulders with poor hinging from my hips. My hands are too far from my body.  My grip was also too weak and not sitting correctly in my fingers which was limiting my wrist hinge – which you’ll see dramatically soon.









While the camera angle in the comparison is not consistent, I did bring the club back too much on the ‘outside’ in the take-away with no proper rotation coming from pulling back the right shoulder blade. This contributes to a more vertical swing plane and increased chance of slicing the ball. My right arm is also straighter and wider now, which is better.

At the Top


This where my swing was really ugly and no where.  At the top of the backswing I’m now in a much better position with proper shoulder elevation, higher hands and a 90 degree right forearm which is more connected to my body and “in the box“. Previously my grip also gave me no wrist hinge and I was shrugging my shoulders. It was shit, so shit before! I’m okay at loading up and not over-rotating hips on the backswing.


4 Downswing 45






This is not the best angle however, my bad shot was and continues to be a slice. This mostly occurs for me when I don’t shift my weight properly into the downswing. My arms and shoulders get ahead of body/hip rotation. My hips and shoulders are relatively more closed now compared to before, holding off spinning them into impact before my hands can catch up. A good indicator of this is the position of my right elbow. It is “held back” more in the after position now. This proper weight shift and leverage off the ground is what I’m currently working on at the moment (“the Tiger Squat“)

As for the rest of my swing from impact onward into release its still a work in progress and hasn’t really improved differently enough yet.


More Chuck Quinton:


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