Bassists Look Too Bored

Mark Hoppus is a strange man, but he’s right! Poor bassists. He’s mostly known as the bassist for punk-pop band Blink 182 and as one of the early “celebrity” twitter adopters.

He’s a reasonably funny guy too on his TV channel within the Fuse music news-blog -video site. Fuse features cool music news, interviews, opinion and performances.

What I find most most interesting about Mark Hoppus is his Fender Jazz-P bass.  Its a sexier Fender Jazz Bass body with a Precision Bass neck and Seymour Duncan Precision Bass pick ups. The pickups are placed higher up the body of the bass compared to the normal P-Bass pickup location. It would be like having only a “neck” Jazz bass pick up. To compensate for this and to provide the punk cutting sound he is after, the pickups are also “reversed” compared to the usual P Bass pickup placement.  If you look at the profile of a P bass pickup each it sits on a slight angle. One end of the pickup is closer to the strings its intended to highlight. The Hoppus bass pickup angles focus on the “A” and “D” bass strings.

He also has a workout video

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