Pedal Rigged Up

Pedal Rigged UpAt last I have a semblance of a bass effects pedal rig to use for recording and for bigger live gigs. After much procrastination about whether to build my own wooden pedal board with custom power supply – using something like the BBE Supa-charger

I decided to buy a Stagefive Pro PedalboardThese are virtually impossible to get in Australia for anything near what is a reasonable cost to beat making your own board. So I got mine after much searching from the USA. The Stage Five board is major overkill for my purposes with effects sending and return, stereo amping options and a buffered pre-amp. Its a large board too, but what I like about it is its low to the ground and has just bout every voltage option covered for your petals. Plus I did’didn’t have to try remember or rely on my woodworking skills from highschool. I’m using the Korg Pitchblack I bought a while back for tuning duties. 

When I think about it my effects rig is kind of divided into three sections:

Pedal Rigged UpBass Distortion
For bass distortion I’m using the classic Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff and the very interesting Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion pedal.  The Big Muff will give you Ampeg like classic tube distortion sounds a lot like Christopher Wolstenholme uses in Muse. The Soundblox is a new petal which takes a more technical approach to bass distortion. The signal can be divided up by frequency sections which you can individually distort. It has 23 different bass effects with 6 presets and a seven band graphic equalizer. I’m still learning and testing tones with this pedal on the distortion side. I also use this petal for its excellent clean boost/equalization section.

Pedal Rigged UpBass Fuzz
I’m using all MXR pedals for bass fuzz effects. My core bass fuzz effects unit is the MXR Bass Blow Torch pedal. This pedal is really a distortion pedal however it also fuzzes out very well too. I’m using it like a fuzz pedal I suppose for more mildish fuzz sounds or the slightly overdriven tube sound I might need.  When I want I mad fuzz tone I hit the MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz. This pedal has a crazy hot signal so watch out when you first turn the volume knob.  I’ve also been borrowing Shea’s MI Audio Pollyanna Octave pedal. This is a sweet octave fuzz which gives you up to 2 octaves below and one above your note. I have to get one myself.. or perhaps steal Sheas… then make him disappear..

Pedal Rigged UpSpecial Effects
By “special effects” I mean effects such as chorus, delay or tremolo. I have’nt seen it worth it yet to buy separate pedals for what I’m playing.  Well, other than the MXR Bass Octave Deluxe I bought which also crosses over into the fuzz effects section. At the moment I’m using my old Zoom Bass multi-effects pedal bypassing everything in it only accessing its tremolo, chorus, and delay effects which I rarely need. There are also a couple of over-drive emulation patches which don’t sound too bad as well (Sansamp & SVT). I’m also using this unit for its wah and volume expression pedal.

Check out Ed Friedland’s youtube page.  His gear reviews and overall bass guru-ness have been the basis for most of my recent pedal/amp selections.

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