SVT or not to SVT

Ben Lemelin of Your Favorite Enemies talks about the Sansamp VT Bass pedal. The Sansamp VT Bass is probably the best Ampeg SVT amp simulator you can buy. While nothing is better than the real thing, you shouldn’t discount this pedal as just a bass amp sim.  The all analogue circuitry in the pedal does a great job in representing not only the vintage Ampeg SVT tone but also the Ampeg Fliptop.

It also allows you to drive your signal more than these amps alone could. The most important feature the  Deluxe version of the pedal has over the amps is the ability to save six tone settings into the digital memory. As Ben demonstrates in the video, you can use your Sansamp as the “core” bass tone setting for your rig and also as an overdrive pedal. This is made really easy with the Deluxe’s tone preset memories.

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