A Mantime Lunch – with Daniel Romeo

KFC’s “The Double”. Make that a triple double for me. I  mixed it up a little for variety. I got 1 Fillet mantime and 2 Zingers. So how did it go… The Zinger mantimes are better as the bbq sauce in the Fillet mantime is too bland compared to that of the fiery sauce in the zinger. Maybe you could request the fiery sauce to be in the Fillet as to spice it up for a maximum mantime enjoyment throughout the indulgence. What impressed me is the Rasher bacon contained inside both the mantimes. As opposed to the normal fast food spam like meat that looks like they steamrolled a few skinned cats,dogs and rats from the local dim sum restaurant. Well done KFC! KFC have done their research to create this manlihood experience.

The balance of cheese and bacon in relation to the zingers and fillets has been perfected for the ultimate in mantaste, manjoules and manliness. You’ll be belching with appreciation. For those of you out there with manthumbs that need to get the manMrs approval for dinner, You can get 2 of the 5 fruit and veg per day with a couple of strands of lettuce, some tomato and you’ll have a “veggie” burger with extra meat that even your manMrs has to respect you for.

Anyway I’m off the track a little. For the ultimate man experience and bragging rights, the Zinger mantime is the choice over the Fillet. Not only is it because the Zinger tastes better than the Fillet, it clearly has more girth of chicken breast. Trust me I have measured them side by side. But most importantly it has about 500 more kilo-joules making the Fillet  mantime the pussyman’s choice!!

What’s interesting about the mantime experience compared to the 4 triple cheeseburgers challenge is that I was left feeling sick after 4 triple cheeseburger. With the thought and feeling like you never want to eat a cheeseburger again..Bad mankudos!!   With the double down burgers there is no manremorse…. I actually felt like eating more!!  It’s like getting on the piss and not having a hangover the next day. Sustainability in the workplace after lunch..even your boss will approve.

While I only had 3, I’m confident that 4 would be a standard mantime lunch without effecting the normal work day (post mantime lunch blues). Plus, whats best is you could proudly eat another 4 the next day as there is no hangover!!!  (although I am unable to comment on the post mantime bowel function…)  clearly me having coffee and dessert after is a testament to 3 not being enough at all!

In my professional manchallenge opinion, 5 mantimes is my manlimit challenge to anyone out there. He who can stomach 5 should go up on the Colonel Sanders hall of mantime fame.. where a shirt or some kind of mantrophy should be awarded with the opportunity to meet the great man himself….. the man who conquers 5 should wear his manshirt with pride to clearly identify his manliness amongst his herd of men… and be recognized as pack leader.

Daniel Romeo
Daniel Romeo is the the author of many best selling food slut books and  self help guides.  Daniel also lectures at Carnnivore University CA.

Update! – I take on the KFC Double Gauntlet Challenge! That’s 5 Doubles.Will I survive? Find out here


  1. LIKE!!… GoGoGo Dan… 3 down, 5 to go!!!

  2. 5 will be happening next week. just sorting out a sponsor deal as we will be filming this manfeat

  3. you are crazy! thats so sexistwhat if some of us girls can eat 2-3 too?

  4. Caveman. Y'all ain't nothin but a dumbass cave man.

  5. ooooga boooga oogaboogayou could eat at least 2 of em?

  6. And you know that I could! ;-0

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