Ashdown V8 Tube Power!

Ashdown have released a new range of amps which now have old school tubes in both power amp and pre-amp stages. The new Classic All Value Series amps and cabs are hand made in the USA or UK and revisit the classic 70’s bass amp configurations.  The Ashdown BTA400 pumps the much loved EVOIII value preamp through 8 x KT88 valves with 400 watts of power. So, you get the lovely warm and very shape-able EVO front end and front control panel with big-time tube power!!  A serious contender and now perhaps a replacement for the Ampeg SVT?

The other amps in the new range also feature a value front end on the preamp section and power tubes. The tone shaping controls are also more simplified.  Check out the Ashdown Drophead 200 – it continues on Ashdowns automotive design theme and the journey back in time, incorporating a classic retro “fliptop” combo option. This is where the Amp head is fixed to a platform that stores the Amp upside-down inside the bass cab. When you want to use the amp you lift the platform out of the cab and turn it around – or “flip” it over to sit on top of the cab.

Reviews and more info:
Bassgear Magazine
Mixdown Magazine
The Ashdown 427 Small Block review

BTA400 – Big daddy valve
Drophead 200w – Fliptop design
Little Bastard 30w – Would be a great little studio amp

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