2011 – An EP Odyssey

Its 2011 and I haven’t posted for a while, but its been a fairly productive Xmas and holiday break. We’ve been able to make a big dent into the recording of our new EP (Stellas Kitchen).  In June last year we formally sat down and mapped out the production of our 2nd EP.  Its been too long really since our debut EP release “Fundamentals”.

We’ve grown and our music has evolved since its release in July 2009. This time around while its been sometimes a sporadic process, we’ve been able  to put more effort into developing everything thats going into its production

From recording techniques, mike placement, guitar tones to marketing hopefully the extra time will pay off in a better EP.  A lot is hush hush as we’ve planned to try be a bit different with the release of this EP however I can tell you its going to be a double CD release with 3 songs on each disc and extra media content. Shhh don’t tell anyone…

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