Sunday Munday Fail

No Coffee!! aRrrghh!! But I had to laugh. Should I expect anything less for a Munday morning. Only today its a bit different. I also awoke to discover the passenger door window smashed in on my car. . Initially, apart from the obvious damage nothing was stolen.They even missed my emergency cash stash!  Normally I don’t leave my wallet in there, normally I don’t have much cash in it either.  I’ve dodged the “cancel all cards cancel all cards” inconvenience! That was until I looked into my manbag to fish out my wallet to get on the bus..

Tarantino-ish flashbacks then raced thru my mind detailing the last known wallet whereabouts in a micro second.  Yep they got it alright. Fukkers!!! I staggered back off the bus smitten with the realisation I was’nt so lucky or smart after all.. then the the coup de grace.. GONE was my special little guitar pick collection (Diesel, Muse, John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz). @$$%*frikkityMcFrikken@#.
Then I was sad  😦

Ring the bank, ring the insurance organise the repair. Morning coffee, that little luxury will make everything a little bit better right!?  My fav CBD coffee haunt The Greenhouse.. hmmm strange its closed this morning? No worries I’ll head upstairs to another coffee place my friend recommended, only to be greeted by the apologetic plate. Seems all these guys were having their own fantastic munday with the water supply cut to the whole enex100 building by overzealous workmen on the St Georges Terrace upgrade.

What is it about Sunday nights? Why does it take forever to get to sleep?  Why does my mind race to plan and think – studying whats ahead for the week. Scripting and rehearsing scenarios for issues or situations and people I have to deal with. Sunday nights I am vulnerable.  As was my car it seems! Why did’nt I hear them smash the window so I could finally test out my trusty Hondo II wacking stick. 

What else is gonna happen today?


  1. :(I wish to smash the faces of those scum of the earth people.then I will run for priminister under the premise of a 3 day weekend, thereby circumventing sunday all together.and then I will bring you coffee. And cake. 🙂

  2. hahaha bloody oath! just bing able to have little moopy in my life makes this shit so easy to see as being so IRRELEVANT!

  3. 1) print out a bunch of notes saying "there was a car broken into last night, be on the lookout. fortunately the theif missed a bunch of valuables, taking only a wallet", distribute them around the neighbourhood.2) lie in wait in the bushes armed with cricket bats and bass necks, deliver justice

  4. that to me sounds like a great plan!and JUSTICE!

  5. would you actually like me to start printing

  6. for shizzel! if you have the time and resources and can be arsed

  7. stupid printers and their lack of ink failed on me

  8. I am posting my first comment.

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