Neon Neon

Check out these new mad looking Neon strings from DR Strings. The girl is Traci Alderich from the band Kore in Florida. Check out their rad music video too.

DR Strings are excellent, even the un-coated strings I have tried last twice as long as the D’Addarios I have. Next lot of strings I try will be the coated DR strings.The band… not so good. I think they may have had famous Birdemic director, James Nguyen film their video clip too.
I’ve loaded on some pink DR Neon strings to my 5 string  Fender Jazz.

One comment

  1. These new neon DR strings are great strings which are apart from looking great and attracting attention actually sound and play excellent tooThe coating also gives some nice "slip" to your fingers over the strings. Not as smooth or slippery as flats but enough to make you feel that little bit quicker over the frets. The tone is great too! Suits the Fender Jazz. The one little negative is sometimes when your playing live and the lighting guy hits you complete darkness and a single UV light the neon shines so bright its hard to see your fret markers!!

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