More Recording

With a lot of recording work to go for our new Stellas Kitchen EP it was back to Harpoon Studios to record bass for our track “Satellite”.  Having learned a fair bit from the our last session for “Steal Your Mind” we were able to reduce tone set up brain damage.  Although true to form by the end of the session I wasn’t so sure what my name was.  I think maybe it was Jon’s “accidental” feedback spikes into my cans which was most responsible.  So the bass set up for this song..

It was going to require a bigger bass tone with possibly 2-3 variations to match what was needed for the song. A clean tone and a fuzzy overdrive essentially being what we were after.  What immediately sprung to my mind was the bass tone in this song  – “When I’m Through With You” by The VLA, which is the opening theme music from the US tv show “Damages”.  So I grabbed my Fender 70’s Jazz, the Ashdown Amp and took the little 15inch cab to see how that would fair.

We broke the song down into sections based on the bass tone required.  The core of the song and tone is the Ashdown with the tube grind at about 4PM and the input level close to max as well. The clean parts of the song had the tube grind switched off.  We also recorded a separate “dry” D.I. only track of the bass as a backup to route back into the amp, effects and or plugins.

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