Stupid Shit – TV Shows

I guess I’ve become a very angry man over the years. Lots of stuff shits me. I’m trying not to become a victim of the 21st century.  There is stupid shit everywhere! So anyway, lets talk about stupid shit TV shows. Okay… Reality TV shows –  please are they dead yet?

One of my personal favourites is the X-Factor.  Recently we saw the product the years of reality TV rear its ugly head in the “shocking audition” footage of best friends Abbey Johnson & Lisa Parker. Watching the show’s creator Simon Cowell (entertainment genius) through all this was priceless. I wonder if he was aware of classic irony that was unfolding before his eyes.  Here was fans (his clients) of reality TV and ugly dysfunctional reality subjects all rolled into one. The spawn of  reality TV shows  “had the worst attitude ever” – no shit?!!

Was he worried for his personal safety? Was he disgusted? Did he in fact suddenly have a conscious or moment of guilt? (I doubt it). Was it another Susan Boyle? (you beauty!)  He couldn’t lose. Not a lot has really changed since the days of the Elephant Man. There is always someone ready to exploit and ridicule “ugly” for money.

Were you disgusted by this?  The crowd, the  other judges?  You shouldn’t be. As Jim Lahey might say, when you create a shit monster don’t be disgusted when it shows up and shits everywhere.

Mostly I feel sorry for the few that can actually sing (usually are’nt kooky enough for TV) that get kicked off and even those (usually can’t sing and) who win it. Cause its all not about them and their music careers – its all just about the TV show.  Its “entertainment”.  For however long the show lasts that’s all the TV networks and “record companies” are interested.



  1. yeah free to air/commercial movies make me want to put a fucking bullet through my head.just saw garden state (older movie) and drive (2011) both were refreshing :)didn't mind the wire / the shield eitherpeace.

  2. yepp, Garden State was great. There are some well made and written TV shows for sure! Lost, Breaking Bad, Justified.. The Wire + The Shield like you mentioned. Its these other shows – mostly reality based which suck balls big time! Especially the CSI-type episodic murder shows. They disgust me also.

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