Pedal Power

So it begins, my foray into proper effects pedal land.  Where better to start than with your guitar tuner. On the advice of the gherkin gobbling guitar guru I went for the Korg Pitchblack chromatic guitar tuner. This pedal has an all aluminum casing, which means its tough. It has a nice large LED display which lights up pretty well even in daylight conditions.  Its also true bypass, has 4 different tuning modes and so I’m told is much more accurate than the BOSS tuners most people (losers) use.

Apart from that, what shits me about the boss petal is its smaller cluttered up display. Well and yes just that Boss gear shits me.The Korg’s display is also on a slight angle which helps when you’ve got the pedal on the floor playing live or standing up.

Next on the list is an overdrive/fuzz type pedal.  The MXR Blowtorch and the Sansamp Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe are the pedals on my radar.  The new Deluxe model of the VT Bass pedal is finally out now too.  The MI Audio Pollyanna Octave which I borrowed for our recording of “Steal Your Mind” worked really well so that could be also what I load up onto my pedal rig.

In other news, last weekend we headed down south of WA to Dunsborough to play a Stellas Kitchen gig at the local Tavern in the town. We had the whole bill to ourselves that night so it was a great opportunity and hit out for us to play just about all of our material. As often is said about country towns, we were treated to some great country town hospitality.  Food, drink lodgings and even a limo tour before dinner.

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