DR Bass Strings

Ed Friedland’s from the Bass Emporium has a great review on most of the DR Bass Strings range. Within the review are some handy sound clips of his testing of the strings on a Jazz bass. “DR has been around since 1989, and to my memory was the first “boutique” bass string on the market. When they arrived, there was a lot of buzz about how long they lasted, how pure the fundamental was, etc…… Their level of customer service made a big impression on me, and many years later, I can say that the folks at DR are just as concerned with product quality and consistency as ever. And I can also say—in the past 20 years, I’ve never had another bad string from DR.”  Read the review


  1. I use these and they are the best

  2. yes the ones I bought have lasted already twice as long as my D'addario strings in brightness and tone.

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