Frankenstein Bass Time!

On ebay there is a great online Fender guitar parts re-seller The Stratosphere. The have an awesome range of Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster bodies, necks, plates, pickups everything. Unfortunately, for my wallet, they also have Fender Bass parts.  Its a regular Jawa like recycling operation .. well  better.  So, I’ve decided to build myself a coupla custom fender basses.

I love the look of the 70’s Jazz neck with the pearl inlays. So i’m keen to set one of those up on a Jazz body.  But! shock horror, I’m also toying with the idea of slotting one into a Precision Bass body!!  I just can’t stand the P-Bass neck… but with a sweet Jazz neck on board would it be a different proposition?  Its a commonly done swap.  Lets go shopping!!


  Fender P- Bass Body with 70’s Jazz Bass Neck
 Fender 60’s Jazz Body with 70’s Jazz Bass Neck

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