The Zombie Storm!!

Chaos!! Maddness! Mayhem!! the worst storm in 50 years!!!  Apart from some loss of power, damage to cars and houses, thankfully everyone is safe…. well until the Aqua Zombies appeared!  Last I heard the northern coastal suburbs have fallen into Zombie hands. Masses of Zombies are mustering near Observation City in Scarborough with a probable assault on the Perth CBD at nightfall should they be able to get their zombie shit together.

I had some of my own close encounters with aqua zombies on Boundary Road. I was trying to make it through an Eastern Perth Zombie no go zone in my car. I made it. The two cars in front were not so lucky…They got sucked up in a gruesome gurgling Aqua Zombie pack trap pool right before us.  Luckily speedy evasive driving got us around them and onto higher ground on the newly widened pedestrian island….

“We gotta go back for them”  exclaimed Jon..
“No Jon, no… they’re gone Jon… they’re gone.

The southern leader of the Zombies is co-ordinating a planned attack on the Fremantle area from his tree top stronghold in Thornlie. Despite pre-emtive strikes from our armed forces Tree Zombie remains in command of the southern Aqua zombie forces.

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