Tangled Torment!

Tangles! yes I frikken hate them!  Whether it be wires, guitar leads, headphones, blinds puller thingos, oranges..  If its possible for it to get tangled, it will for me!!  Its probably the one thing in this world which sends me over the edge above everything else.  Its up there with that one last bolt stopping you from removing your the gearbox  – the one which is now melted into the metal somehow.  That instant fury of unnecessarily stubbing your toe.   Whenever Oprah Winfrey opens that stupid mouth of hers.

Anytime the AFL mentions “expanding its key markets” .. Reality TV shows.. that miserable knobface House..  hmmm.. perhaps I’m just angry at everything. I  mean this pic of my headphones on my esk…  how the frig did that just happen?? I placed them neatly and in an untangled state after I last used them?

And you know what sucks the most about tangles..  I’m sure if my life depended on one it would never happen.  The day I go hurtling off the side of a building with Bruce Willis fleeing 10 Norwegian henchmen, I just know a tangle is not gonna save me.  It could be my  shoelace, belt, or gun strap or pacer pencil.. nothing is gonna miraculously catch or tangle itself on a flagpole or pigeon and stop me from falling to my death.  Thankfully that 1.6m deep swimming pool outside of the lobby will save me however.

Being a muso just makes for plenty of tangle rage experiences.  No matter how much I try somehow even my highly polished clogs want to hang themselves on the mic lead at practice. And how the hell does the mic stand always end up on top of leads and chords anyway  – when you haven’t even moved the stand?

So why do tangles happen?  event the scientists don’t know.  The most plausible explanation I found in my 3 minute google search was this: 
Speaking of scientists, watch 14 years worth of work go down in a crippled mess for these poor brainiacs… all because of .. yes you guessed it … a $#@%#$%^ tangle!!!!

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