Lazy Sunday FAIL

So its a Sunday afternoon, on a hot long weekend.  What better to do than nothing!  I decided to lie on the couch and have a little nap.  Which I did.  But being indoors all weekend I soon thought what a good idea it’d be to get outside and do I little bit of exercise! (FAIL) Not checking bike is in safe mechanical order – other than pumping up the tires last week .. (FAIL).   Assuming just a little ride in the back streets would be safer than the main road – There would be less traffic of course naturally and being it also a Sunday – even less traffic (FAIL). Start off slowly .. its been months since you last rode .. 200m .. . Hey this is piss easy .. go faster (FAIL)..  Approach first round-a-bout ..  yes moron Sunday Driver paying no attention  ..  surely even he has seen me and knows I have right of way..   AS IF!!!

So I’ll turn  a bit sharper to take account for fukstick sunday driver .. sure enough he sees me last minute and stops.  But I’m clever see,  I knew that would happen.. . however not clever enough to notice loose handlebars head bolt..  (FAIL) . So the handlebars turn but the front wheel stays straight and the bike sides from under me and  I land my forearm and outside of my shin.. FAAARK!  Don’t you hate how when you stack it and LIVE .. you get that little euphoria of cheating death checking yourself over for dings. That’s until the white on your skin starts to throb and patchwork redness begins to morph into GRAVEL RASH FAIL!!!!! thanks for the bandages today Dr Moopette!  Note to self : invest in first aide kit


  1. safety share!that was a total of 6 fails. impressive. and painful. you look like you've been burned.this is what happens though. action: wanting to take a leisurely innocent healthy stroll on the bike. consequence: the man fails thee. he wins again.

  2. how did I win again???

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