Bus Characters

I  have the pleasure of catching Perth public transport to work.  Thankfully there are always plenty  of crazy characters and what I’ve come to define as “Public Transport Personality Types” (PTPT) to entertain me. More on them later. The best thing bout riding on the buses has been that just when I think I’ve seen it all, someone joyfully comes along and lifts the wacked out bar. This mornings Olympic like effort belongs to the middle aged swinger like couple who sat in front of me

Giggling and stumbling around like they had just left the last swingers party, summery smart casual attire was “just too hot”  exclaimed MR Swinger as he removed his Hawaiian-like already 4/5 undone shirt.  MR decided that a black-evil-eagle rock and roll tee-shirt would be more comfortable to wear. As he fished it out of his BRIEFCASE! and did the swap-a-roo, his glowing MRS took this as perfect opportunity too caress his hairy naked top half.  I’m glad I usually miss breakfast!


  1. Welcome to blogland Dom. Its a wonderful, wonderful place. x

  2. Heya Julia!! I guess I used to think it was a bit lame – guess I am lame then!! I can't find the link on your page to follow u?

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